Susan Rupert
Susan Rupert
Vice President, Media Director

Any couch potato would be put to shame by Susan’s knowledge of the linear and emerging TV landscape that she has amassed over 20 years of studying programing grids, navigating all media marketplaces, and observing Nielsen audience ratings.

Susan joined R2C Group (then Cmedia) in 2000 as its third short-form media buyer, and since then the agency’s television buying team has expanded to 50 members. Since 2005, Susan has managed all offline media buyers and continues to advise on the evolution of R2C Tracker™, the agency’s proprietary buying, planning and measurement platform. Over the last three years, Susan and her team have contributed to the development and validation of the agency’s latent response TV optimization model, WaveCast™.

“When I look at where the team is today and how many intelligent and talented people we have working here it makes me very proud,” she said. “Our success is the result of our long-standing network relationships and innovation in our buying practice.”

Without hesitation, Susan can explain the nuances of media buying, or a media outlet’s sales structure, inventory and programming. She oversees all local broadcast, national cable, satellite and syndication schedules to ensure they deliver the best combination of performance and reach based on the media strategy.

The University of Oregon graduate resides in Portland with her husband and two sons. Their busy youth activity schedules limit them from watching live TV, which makes Susan an expert in SVOD platforms and delayed viewing of video content.