Integrated services

From upfront planning to back-end analysis, no one can control the success of your campaign better than R2C Group. We analyze everything that could impact it, and create a process that minimizes your risk and maximizes your profitability. In each of the following disciplines, we have the most experienced, and dedicated people you’ll find anywhere. And we’re all experts at collaboration;  you’ll find that working with us is a seamless, integrated experience.

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Strategy for success

We approach every project by taking into consideration your overall business objectives, and fitting your direct-response efforts into the big picture.

To position a new project for success, we often begin with our proprietary feasibility study and competitive analysis, Cmedia Market Scope. This research delivers a marketplace assessment and business case analysis. It is an essential tool for all types of direct-response campaigns. The purpose of this exercise is to create a financial model that serves as an abbreviated business plan, and to make sure you’re going to be able to make a profit with a direct-response approach.

Next, we’ll get right to work helping you build an aggressive, compelling offer.

Key elements of the Cmedia Market Scope feasibility study:

  • competitive analysis and research
  • development of audience profile
  • definition of key performance indicators
  • case studies
  • offer recommendations
  • pricing strategies
  • detailed financial pro-formas and break-even analyses
  • cash flow timelines and sales projections

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A History of Media Success

What if you had the wisdom gained from $6 billion worth of media-buying experience? You’d be phenomenally good at predicting and creating success. You’d be Cmedia, the media arm of R2C Group. We used our rich historical database to create the most sophisticated tracking and reporting system in the industry. Cmedia Tracker lets our clients see their integrated results across all their media channels – in real-time. Nobody’s better at making the most of your media tests, managing your money, and lowering your cost per acquisition. Our media clients range from traditional direct-marketing companies to blue-chip Fortune 500 companies. We also happen to have great relationships with the media, so you get the best rates and availabilities.

Media planning, buying, reporting, and analysis on your ad campaign success:

  • All media channels
    • Specializing in TV, online, mobile
    • Services also available for radio, print, direct mail, Insert/Alternative media, out-of- home
  • Daily and weekly results reporting and optimization
  • Correlation analysis and cross channel optimization
  • Predictive modeling
  • Pay-per-lead performance-based advertising

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Breakthrough Creative

In the expert hands of our Respond2 creatives, your advertising strikes that all-important balance between art and science. Entertainment and salesmanship. Innovation and best practices. We understand how consumers behave, so we craft your message in a way that connects with them on an emotional level — and gets them to act. No wonder we have a history of successful TV commercials that’s unmatched in the industry.

And we know how to leverage and optimize that messaging across all other media. We create captivating websites and mobile content that convert consumers into customers.

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Efficient, quality production

Pre-production planning, direction, editing, duplication, and trafficking. With R2C, you get top-quality production values from expert producers, directors, and editors, all using our own state-of-the-art equipment.

Once your commercial is produced, we add the localization, URLs and toll-free numbers. It’s all in-house, so we can ensure accuracy, and save you money. It also lets us make changes in the blink of an eye. So when our media people determine that you should test a new offer, add to your buy, or take advantage of a great deal, you’re back on the air and making money with minimum downtime.

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Interactive that sells

Once they’ve seen your TV ad, consumers are going to research you on their computers and smartphones. The more you understand how they’re using those devices, the more you can control what they see and how they buy. That’s where R2Ci comes in. We surround consumers – with your corporate site, online ads, a social network presence, and transactional landing pages optimized for the web and mobile apps.

We can even continue the conversation with your visitors with follow-up emails and text messages. We use a data-driven approach to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in your eCRM communications. Everything is integrated and designed to turn consumers into customers. And, of course, we have sophisticated analysis and measurement techniques to make sure you’re getting optimal results.

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Operations Support

We’re with you all the way – even after your new customer has called, clicked, and connected. Our Cmedia group can help you with scripts and training for your telemarketers; help you work with online vendors, set you up with the right fulfillment house, and even help with inventory management, product shipment, and credit card processing.

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Insightful analytics

Our proprietary Cmedia data-gathering and reporting software is the best in the industry. But it’s only the beginning. Our insightful analysis of that data allows you to continually optimize your media buying, operations, and creative messaging. Our approach is this: “Here’s the data, here’s what it means, and here’s what we’re going to do about it.”

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