We link strategy and creative to dynamic media buying and advanced analytics—achieving unbeatable success for our clients.

We own every step of the process—from up-front planning and strategy, all the way through the creation and production of your TV and digital work, to back-end analytics and optimization of your media buy. And these aren’t siloed disciplines; they work together seamlessly in an efficient feedback loop that results in high quality work that delivers maximum ROI.


Accountable advertising that builds your brand while driving sales.

We call it Transactional Brand Building. It starts with Brand Strategy and Research to hone your target audience profile and develop insights that will help shape your brand and set the stage for maximum consumer response. Next comes the five-step Transactional Brand Building path, using our proprietary MindReader research tool, and a full-day Planning Framework Session. Then we integrate the strategic plan into the proven R2C Group creative process. And finally, our Brand Momentum and Image™ methodology creates a brand-building feedback loop for continuous campaign optimization.


Meet the most brand-friendly, brand-enhancing direct response agency in the country.

Our work leverages sight, sound, motion, and math to drive sales through all channels, from TV to digital to mobile—even point-of-sale.

The best creative thinkers are problem solvers at heart; those who understand that creativity is not just for entertainment, but to produce results and shape a brand. We tell compelling stories, and we do it in a way that inspires consumers to engage, act, and buy.

While we win more than our share of creative awards, we’re most proud of the success that comes from building our clients’ sales and brands quickly and effectively.


When it comes to media, we’re unstoppable.

We don't rest on our laurels. We don't rest on results. We don't rest, period. We are a seasoned, dynamic, media-buying machine, with the media clout and the ability to optimize our clients’ dollars that give us a leg-up on other media-buying companies.

Our long-standing relationships, deep knowledge of the marketplace, and stellar reputation come from the quality of the individuals we employ, and the way we train them.

With over 50 Media Buyers and Planners, we scour the media landscapes for the best deals and placements. We even own our own national TV networks (the NOW Networks™) with over one thousand half-hours of exclusive media inventory. But most importantly, we deliver. Our work produces unbeatable results and the most efficient media ROI possible.

Digital + CRM

The importance of leveraging all customer touch points.

Today’s audience is using multiple screens at one time; with our approach, “Amplify the View,” we help our clients capitalize on that. Smart digital and CRM campaigns capture the interest of your audience, propel their engagement forward, drive sales, and further your brand. Your customers will be inspired to interact with your brand through our expertly crafted web and mobile experiences, strategic paid search and digital media, effective online banner ads, and sales-driving emails. We base our digital recommendations on solid consumer-response data, engaging users at all stages—from acquisition to cross-sell, retention to win-back. And finally, advanced analytics help fine-tune your digital and CRM campaigns for optimal ROI.


Decisions backed by numbers.

We view your campaigns through three analytic lenses: Immediate consumer response, longitudinal and latent impact of the campaign, and the synergistic and cumulative impact on your overall media mix. It’s a seamless process, and it happens every day. You’ll see your data, know what it means, and understand what to do with it.

R2C Group Tracker™ is the industry-leading media management database and optimization platform, giving you a live, daily feed of all of your campaign results via a user-friendly dashboard. But the numbers are just the beginning. Our in-depth analysis turns that data into tangible insights, allowing you to continually optimize your media dollars, your call-to-action, and your creative messaging.

TV Production

Lights, camera, transactions!

R2C Group is one of the largest direct-response television production companies in the country. For TV and web; live action, CGI, studio, and location, our staff of specialized producers engage top directors, DPs, and the very best crews. We shoot all over the country and all over the world to produce award-winning work that gets results and makes lasting impressions for our clients. Best of all, we know how to make every dollar you spend look like thousands on-screen.

Post Production

One of the largest Post facilities in the Northwest.

Because we exist exclusively for our own clients’ work, you get unmatched speed-to-market and quality control. Our highly experienced editors stay with your brand for its entire tenure with R2C Group, so they understand how to tell your story and sell your product. And your digital assets are always accessible; you’ll never have to wait days or weeks to un-archive material from some mysterious remote warehouse. As we test and learn how your campaign is doing, we can make changes and improvements to creative on unbeatable timelines.


State-of-the-art post-production, duplication, and distribution center.

Just steps away from our Post facility, we will master your TV commercial and add localization (custom URLs, toll-free numbers, and more) which leads to comprehensive tracked data that we can use to optimize your offer and messaging. We’ll duplicate your ad for broadcast, and distribute it to TV networks and stations throughout the nation and across the globe. With full control of the process, we can ensure accuracy, speed-to-market, and cost savings.

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